Today I was feeling sorry for myself but I got over it; there is too much turmoil in this country to be feeling sorry for myself. I’m grateful for the things I still have and can do, even though I’m bedridden I still have my arms, hands and fingers I can still use. Now, enough about my current situation; I’m going to tell you what happened to me while I was in the hospital for almost 3 months. Last New Year’s Eve I was admitted into the hospital with a UTI infection and I was treated with Intravenous brain blood barrier Antibiotics for a week. Then in February I ended up with another UTI infection and was treated for a whole week with the intravenous blood brain barrier antibiotics. Again in March, I became incoherent and had seizures and was once again admitted into the hospital for a septic infection for three weeks this time. Once again they treated me with a brain blood barrier antibiotic. All in all before all of this, I was constantly suffering with spasticity, muscle spasms, re

Change the affect.

I recently got my hair shaved! My MS has now made it impossible to brush my hair. I tell you, since, I never realized how much effort it took out of me for such a simple task and now it's amazing how much energy I have now that I don't have to deal with my hair. I'm bedridden now and it sucks. I still try to stay in tune with today's modern chic way of life. I'm only in my forties so I should maintain how I look even though I can't use my legs anymore. You ladies hear me right? Being overweight doesn't help either so you know I got to work harder to look good these days! Don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed living large! BBW are everywhere and look great working what their mother gave them. Also, I've noticed that just making yourself look "pretty" makes you feel like getting outside and sharing your beauty! That's when I started selling AVON products from the comfort of my home. I can't go to the people so I bring them to me thr

What a great family.

Most people who feel they're in a rut, usually do not look into asking for help. It's sad but true. I realized a few months ago that I was in a rut living each day in my home with no way to travel out and about to enjoy family gatherings, go shopping, visit friends or do other daily activities.  I began researching used handicap vans in online dealers websites and was shocked in how high the prices were just for 1999 handicap vans. I decided to look for vans sold by one owner sellers in craiglist. I finally found a 1998 Dodge Caravan handicap van. With it being sold at such a great price, I brought it up in a conversation with my family member not expecting nothing more than input or advise.  My family went and decided to all chip in to get this handicap van for me. They explained to me how much they wanted me happy to be able to travel beyond my home's perimeter. I couldn't believe it. I truly did not expect this but surely was grateful!  So, here I was in a rut but ju

Current sitch!

It's been over 5 months since my last blog update.  Well, unfortunately my fight with MS has gotten me bedridden but my spirits are still up and running. I still use my Herbalife which helps me with my weight issues. I no longer can stand or even sit up on my own, I worried about gaining weight since I was bedridden. Amazingly, as I continued using my Herbalife products, I continued losing one to two pounds a week. It also helps me nutritionally giving me all the nutrients my body needs to keep fighting against bad health. This is not much of an update but it was due. Keep positive, that's all we all can do. Peace & Love.

March 7, 2013 ~

I haven't been feeling myself these last few weeks and having to endure muscle spasticity along with MS hugs during those weeks, I began feeling down on my luck. I can't say I haven't been depressed lately but I recently received my own Q6 Edge power wheelchair which lifted my spirits. I began thinking of how my life has changed and the things I have accomplished. When I first learned about my diagnosis of MS back in April of 1998, I was weighing over 310lbs. Despite my weight, I went out to many places enjoying my life. Dancing was my favorite pass time, I also loved horseback riding and walking trails but when I heard "you have MS", it shocked me. 'Not me', I thought to myself. 'There goes my life', I said to myself. This news made me think sad thoughts of no longer being able to do the things I truly enjoyed. I now had to focus and figure out where I stood in life with my health and my weight. I knew in the long run, my weight was going to be

Over weight and have MS?

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Still losing!

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