Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Anxiety because of obesity?

Tonight I just saw a video from a young lady in her early 20's dealing with anxiety.  She was stating how she feels like she's going to die at a very early age.  This troubled me.  I can not believe people out in society are still making others feel worse about theirselves in this day and age.  Comments full of negativity can lead a person to get very ill mentally and physically.  Every ONE person deserves respect, whether you're thin, medium, large or extra large!  Life can be beautiful if we learned to accept one another and just be happy for being alive!  Breath before you speak to take a moment and think of what you're about to say to anyone.  The video hit home for me because I'm an extra large person with great strength against harsh words and hoping to rub off my strengths to those who need it.  Good luck to you "TheBigGirlDiary"!!!!