Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Mobility

Hello everyone, having multiple sclerosis is complicated in itself but being overweight really complicates things!  I was extremely overweight when first diagnosed back in April of 1998 but I was very actively mobile.  As the years passed, I began noticing my ms was slowly progressing and affecting my legs.  With the near future and uncertainty of it all, I knew one thing; I had to start using mobility aids plus lose weight to help my body adjust to the daily leg weakness and drop foot which seemed to be a cruel reminder of how my life has changed.  In the midst of losing weight by cutting all sweets off the menu, I had to become accustomed in using mobility aids in public, in front of friends and family.  Many of my friends couldn't believe I was using a rolling walker, they didn't really know how to react to this new me.  My family tried to act the same around me but I did notice more "babying" over me especially from my mother.  I knew she couldn't help it-she's my mom.  Over time my mobility aids became second hand to me; my cane, rolling walker and wheelchair became a daily part of my life using them indoors and out.  I advise any of you who are dealing with mobility problems to truly consider getting a mobility aid, I found this site very helpful in viewing and purchasing such aids:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Your Mobility Aids

Having MS plus being overweight makes my mobility an everyday challenge, but with the help of mobility aids, the challenges don't seem so hard.  Check out what could work for you, in Lorena's Mobility Store: