Monday, December 19, 2011

Stabbing Pins & Needles

These past few weeks I've been dealing with such incredible pain along with annoyance.  Anyone who has MS and has dealt with "pins & needles" anywhere in their body know how annoying it is trying to get anything done while your limbs are being constantly attacked by stabs of pins & needles.  My neurologist says it's just a discomfort having pins & needles but I feel it incapacitates my normal way of living, it's not just a discomfort for me.  Given the fact that he gave me a prescription for Gabapentin to help soften the constant attacks, I've read that this medication is for people with epilepsy.  I wonder if taking this pill will cause more damage for me than good.  It's a shame how we must use only government approved prescribed drugs while the illegal naturally earth grown herbs, which actually have no deadly side effects, are banned from being used.  I have to say that while taking Gabapentin alone, it hasn't helped nor stopped the pain from my pins & needles but a simple and natural herb did.  It's medically legal in a few states like California but I feel it should be legal in the whole United States for all those who suffer with pain from MS.  What do you think?


  1. I use not-so-legal herbs for my MS,
    For my symptoms, it works better than any prescribed drugs that the doctors have given me, and i almost feel "normal" for a short while.

    My family was against it at first, but after seeing the difference in me, they now support me using it.

    I think it should be legal world wide (im in UK) for serious medical reason's (MS, cancer ect.) as it truly does help
    I would happily pay more for clean government herbs, than what i get now :)

  2. I only take meds the doctors prescribe me...each has to make their own decisions though. I hope your pins and needles have gone by now