Friday, January 25, 2013

March 7, 2013 ~

I haven't been feeling myself these last few weeks and having to endure muscle spasticity along with MS hugs during those weeks, I began feeling down on my luck. I can't say I haven't been depressed lately but I recently received my own Q6 Edge power wheelchair which lifted my spirits. I began thinking of how my life has changed and the things I have accomplished. When I first learned about my diagnosis of MS back in April of 1998, I was weighing over 310lbs. Despite my weight, I went out to many places enjoying my life. Dancing was my favorite pass time, I also loved horseback riding and walking trails but when I heard "you have MS", it shocked me. 'Not me', I thought to myself. 'There goes my life', I said to myself.
This news made me think sad thoughts of no longer being able to do the things I truly enjoyed. I now had to focus and figure out where I stood in life with my health and my weight.
I knew in the long run, my weight was going to be a huge factor in how MS will affect my body. It actually scared me.
I was always self conscious about my weight problem but never enough to actually do something about it. It started when I moved back to Florida back in 2002, no longer capable of work, and going through some other personal matters, I noticed my MS progressing towards my legs, making them weak and clumsy. I had lots of tripping accidents followed by falls. I had to do something to help lighten the load on my legs! I began trying different diets, for example: "the Michael Thurman Six Week Body Makeover", "Atkins", "Cabbage Soup Diet", amongst others but I would lose weight only to gain more back! Yo-Yo dieting was a huge thing for me, if one diet didn't work, another one might. What a crock!
After a few years of dieting trials and errors, I finally found a product that worked and is still working and getting my weight under control. Back in March of 2012, I began Herbalife and lost so far, 70lbs! And know that since I cannot walk, I lost the weight with no exercise and continue to do so. I use their amazing products, not only for weightloss but for muscle gain, energy, skin & hair health, and plenty more! If you find my story familiar to yours, you should check my site:

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