Friday, April 22, 2011

Sweet Day.

Today was a pleasant day with hardly any spasms! Yea! As for my weightloss, I treated myself to DQ small ice-cream.  Once a month is ok to treat yourself, I believe.  Many people trying to lose weight end up messing up because they don't allow one treat to themselves so they don't feel so deprived.  Also, when you're ill 24/7, you deserve to treat yourself.  Another thought accurred to me today.  I think people who are like myself, should consider a pet.  They are wonderful stress relievers especially when depression begins to creep in.  I understand the great responsibility in having a pet companion, so only consider it if you have family and/or friends to help you.  Having a dog definately will get you out of your house or apartment and work your limbs!  More to come later...for now, keep on keeping on!

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