Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Introduction

Hello Everyone,

Being overweight all my life is hard to deal with but believe it or not, I overcame the jokes or cruel remarks from classmates, so called friends or passing strangers because I never backed down from any one plus I was very witty at comebacks.  I was no one's fool, I didn't let me being fat stop me from having respect for myself and from others.  I believe you get treated the way you show everyone how to treat you.  Anyone living with MS or Obesity or both, knows the everyday battles we deal with on a daily basis.  We get looks and rude stares when in public or especially if you are in a restaurant or you're passing through a crowded plaza.  We seem to have fallen off the social scene, geez, a very popular TV network would not play a "Lane Bryant" commercial claiming the lady was too revealing yet they play "Victoria Secrets" too sexy and revealing commercials all the time.  Uh, what's wrong with that picture?  But we must fight to keep moving foward in this cruel society where everyone has to be a certain way to be accepted.  Don't believe the HYPE.  You should be you and living proud for it!  More to come later.  Peace and Love.

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